Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Say what you feel

"Say what you feel" : now that seems very simple right. Unfortunately i always find it very tough to do that. And i end up doing things i dont like or want to do, but have to do becos of the fact someone wants me to do it that way. I am pretty sure that situation is pretty common being in the software development industry. So what might the benefits (consequences) of saying what you feel? maybe a few lost jobs and not pleasing a few people... but i guess at the end, the sense of knowing you did something just because you thought it's sensible and correct and not to please a few people is satisfaction enough.
I guess i seriously need to start
Questioning more on what others say if i feel it's stupid or wrong
And spend more time on things that i really want to do
And say what i feel more often...even if it is going to get me into trouble

Actually all these thoughts came up while reading a blog entry in kathys blog about the donkey kicking incident... BTW Did u start getting those inspirational ideas after this kathy ;-)

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