Sunday, March 18, 2007

Travelling and Jet lag

This time my visit to USA involved a whole lot of travelling. I came here for the MVP summit but then had to come to San Jose in California on a work assignment this week. Also visiting my relatives in Minneapolis and Toronto next week. Totally thats 3 weeks away from home and already a week is gone.
So right now I am in San Jose and my sleep is still not regulated where i get up at 3 am and start watching TV and feel very sleepy during the noon time. All that said, i love travelling and its something i enjoy a lot.

MVP Summit 2007

What a cool week it was at the Microsoft Campus in Seattle. Got to see some awesome people in person like Bill Gates, Somasegar, Anders Hejlsberg and fellow MVPs like Scott Hanselman whom i have met only in blogs. Got to catch up with some old friends as well. The trip wasn't totally geek talk and this time i got to visit some places in Seattle like the Museum of Flights and the Space Needle. All in all it was a great event with the right mix of technology and fun :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

.NET User group meeting-March

We had the .NET user group meeting yesterday at the NDB auditorium. I did a session on UI customization in Office 2007 using VSTO add-ins, focusing on custom task panes and ribbon customization. Microsoft Office 2007 has a lot of extensibility points where you can create your own custom logic and provided added features. Hope the session was informative for anyone attended

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ISV training on WF

I did a training program for ISVs on Windows Workflow Foundation yesterday. The more i use WF the more hooked i am to this technology. The training program was pretty interesting with a lot of questions fired by the participants. Hope it was informative for everyone and if there are any comments or questions just post a comment here or a message in the DotNet Forum. Do check the .NET 3.0 community site at