Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SLASI TechForum 2007

The SLASI TechForum for this year titled "Back to the Future: Software Quality Demystified" was held in colombo today. This event was organized by the Sri Lanka Association for the Software Industry. I was one of the 4 speakers for the event and my session was on "Software Lifecycle Management with VSTS". The session introduced VSTS in the context of managing the software lifecycle through various roles within a project and how software quality can be improved using VSTS . It was very good to see lot of people in the industry taking software quality as a serious and a foremost issue, rather than just an afterthought.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Me and Twitter

I created an account and started using twitter a couple of months ago, but never got the hang of it. I dont think i got a clear picture on what to update on cos it seemed like too frequent updates on daily events. I guess i will just leave my account as it is until i really have a use for it and until then will just stick with my blog.

.NET Framework libraries source code

Looks like the .NET Framework libraries source code would be available under the Microsoft reference license One cool thing is you would be able to debug into it directly from VS.NET 2008. Check out ScottGu's Blog

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MVP award renewed

I have been reawarded this year as well as a MVP on the Visual Developer category. This would be my 4th year as a MVP and it certainly is a huge pleasure being part of this elite and enthusiastic group of Microsoft geeks ;-)
Looking forward to a great year as part of the .NET community with the releases of VS.NET 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

Creature of habits

Never occured to me but i think i am a creature of habits. Some small small things i don't really like to change or unintentionally i don't want to change.
When i was staying at a hotel while in SFO, a colleague of mine used to join me for breakfast everyday and noticed that i always use to take the same table in the room. I am not sure why but it just sort of turned into a habit and i never noticed it until someone pointed me that. So after that incident i seem to notice a lot of small routines that has turned into habits over short period of time. It seems strange and i happen to notice it more, especially after somebody pointed that out to me :)