Sunday, June 25, 2006

Swinging with Java and Unix

After a quite a long time got to work again on Java and Unix. The last time i worked on Unix was around 3 years back on a SCO Unix platform when we implemented banking systems along with a company in India. This time my work is mainly on the development area on java swing user interfaces but my work involves using Solaris and Linux platforms. I am a bit behind on my commands in Unix and using the VI editor effectively but catching up very fast.
But my preferred platform and development tools would be the Microsoft platform and the .NET development tools in the coming years, though i wouldnt mind having a taste of the other technologies as well.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Down in California

I am down in california these days on some work assignments and probably will be here for a month or so. After some time i am working on some none MS technologies these days and that helps me in knowing which areas MS is far ahead and which areas MS is yet to catch on. But uptill now i think the former is a lot than the latter.

Hi .NET 3.0 ... Bye WinFx

The WinFx is renamed to .NET Framework 3.0. You can find more details on Somasegar’s blog. So according to this i think Orcas is not going to be .NET 3.0 at least the way i see it, and i guess based on this, .NET 3.0 will be using  the .NET 2.0 compilers and the new compilers will probably ship in with Orcas(.NET ?.?)
And with that you have the new community sites for WCF, WPF, WF and WCS are available at

Friday, June 02, 2006

Vista lab in Singapore

I was down in Singapore the past week on Vista lab sessions held by Microsoft. It's an exciting time with the launch of Vista beta 2 and Office beta 2. I am still not sure on what i can blog on it so i guess i will have to wait. It was fun and got to interact with a lot of fellow MVPs from India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines and a few other countries. We also had a dinner outing one of the days and a couple of pics during that:

Too busy to blog :-(

Past few weeks a lot of things have been happening around with some changes in my career and along with that some good and some not so good decisions. So it was kind of a roller coaster ride and was too occupied to do any postings on my blog. So things are kinda getting settled now so thats a good sign and allows me to catch up on my blogging too.