Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Inspirations from blogging

I really love blogging, and i mean it so seriously. I love blogging so much that i have been persuading a few people i know to start blogging. Even at the place i work blogging is alien to many people (we have two bloggers at my current work place) So just an inspirational note to them on what has changed in my day to day life since i started blogging

You have to keep your promises: When you make a promise and you really want to make sure you keep it, the best thing to do is blog about it. Cos now you have made an open statement and you will be thinking twice before breaking it.

More people listen (read rather): Don't u love it when people really read about your thoughts and your work and your ideas. Well thats exactly what you get with a blog and u have the widest audience you ever could get.

You are not alone: Just imagine you rambling about some problem you faced and someone commenting saying "Hey guess what, i faced the same issue. And i ended up doing this..." and suddenly it gives you a feeling you are not the only one who went through this.

So guys seriously start blogging

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