Thursday, February 22, 2007

New updates for software on Vista

For a couple of weeks i haven't been reading the regular blogs i go and read including the MSDN blogs. So yesterday got some time to go through and saw that three Vista related softwares i was looking forward to was released:
The first one is the service pack 2 for SQL Server. This sorts out some issues you get when you run SQL Server 2005 on Vista. This includes the issue i faced where i couldn't connect to the database server without disabling UAC.
The second one is the powershell for Vista is released. I was looking forward to this to try out some functionalities of powershell. There is an issue in the installer so do read through the comments on the link above and follow the steps when you install powershell on vista.
The third one is Virtual PC 2007, which supports Vista as the host and the guest operating system.

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