Sunday, May 01, 2005

MVP Asian summit day 4

Today was the final day of the summit and we had a few more sessions on .NET 2005.
Later We had a beer party in the evening at the river front in singapore. It was fun and had a few beers. Got to have a good conversation with Justin (Triplez) and though it may sound weird but we were talking abt generics and C# over beer (thats what i really loved about the summit. It was something common and not something strange to talk about geeky stuff). And
Triplez is really into any programming languages with the curly braces and thinks the curly braces has more curves than a woman.
And then only i got to know Howard our dear MVP lead is on a reality show called eye for a guy. He is trying to win over the gorgeous VJ Denise Keller. So i gathered with a few MVPs and we were watching the show in the night.

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