Sunday, May 01, 2005

MVP Asian summit day 1

Arrived in Singapore at around 2.30 pm with the rest of the MVPs from Srilanka. We arrived at the Mandarin Oriental hotel the official hotel for our stay in Singapore. We had the registration for the 4 day event as well as a cocktail party in the evening.
During the cocktail party met up with a few Singaporean MVPs including Justin (Triplez) and Serena Yeoh (Firedancer) a Malaysian MVP. Also met William Tay a Singaporean MVP specialising in web services ( He wrote a real good article on the MSDN site titled “Routing Secured SOAP Messages Through Multiple SOAP Intermediaries Using WSE 2.0” ).
Later got to see an unofficial demonstration of the Paladin framework from Firedancer, along with a few singaporean MVPs over a cup of coffee . For those who dont know what Paladin is, it is a framework developed by Firedancer, enabling you to rapidly create applications in a more OO manner and without SQL statements. So anyone interested on this framework can download it from the gotdotnet web site. Though it is in alpha it has a great potential to be a very successful framework.

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