Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why certify?

Certifications are pursued by different professionals for different reasons. And there is always various arguments about the worthiness of certifications and what it achieves for an individual. So i just thought about doing a post on my point of view and whether it was useful.
For me doing a certification is motivating myself to prepare for something. For example when .NET came into the scenario i started to prepare for my MCSD on .NET since it was a very good way to make myself aware of all the nitty gritty details on .NET. I always viewed certifications as something that provides me the confidence and proves i have the minimum knowledge on using a particular technology or a product. But it isn't or never will be a replacement for experience. You have to view both as different aspects and view certifications as adding value to your experience.
So was certifications helpful to me. Yes a lot and it has motivated me enough to continue to keep myself upto date in the IT industry and technologies i am interested in.
Just my 2 cents...

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