Thursday, April 07, 2005

April .NET user group meeting

Yesterday was the first wednesday of April and we had our .NET user group meeting yesterday. I did a presentation on the ever popular ORM library NHibernate . This is a direct port of the Hibernate library for java version 2.0.3. Though still in beta this is quite stable and has a lot of potential.
As i promised I am uploading the presentation as well as the sample code for anyone interested to download and try out. The sample application is just a small demo just to show the basics on NHibernate with all parts of the application inside one project. In a real project you should seperate the business logic the data access layer and the user interface. If you have any questions or comments on getting started with NHibernate just post a message on the dot net forum.
These are just a few of the links i mentioned about:
NHibernate query analyzer
NHibernate quick start guide
NHibernate forum posted questions in chm format

[Update] There is a review at Merill's Blog

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