Friday, August 22, 2008

Moving Down-Under...

It is a very difficult and at the same time an exciting phase for me. I will be moving from Sri Lanka to take on a job in Australia. It is sad that I would be leaving behind a lot of things, starting from my family, friends and colleagues at my previous work places. But at the same time considering a lot of things decided to take on an offer, to work with a very exciting bunch of people in Australia.

In a sense it feels like I am starting all over again from scratch and that excites me. At the same time leaving and living away from home is difficult. It is a very mixed feeling. Hopefully I will have a smooth transition in terms of my life style and work etc.

This would be my last post before I leave from Sri Lanka and I am flying to Seattle tomorrow to work on a project and will be there for a week. Then would be flying directly from Seattle to Sydney.

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