Saturday, April 14, 2007

Catching up and Shuffling life

The past few days got me thinking a lot. Just looking back i wasn't focusing or working as hard as i used to be and was lagging behind in many things. So with the new year, it's an ideal time to look at myself and just shuffle things in life a bit.
I realised i was doing a lot of unproductive work or spending time on people where i am and probably will never be appreciated or understood. So to avoid further problems and to stop myself from feeling bad about it, i need to keep my distance and focus more on things and people that really matter in my life.
There are a lot of things i need to start doing. Got a bunch of technologies in my to do list, which i need to start looking at. I am behind on my MSc that i started and need to put a bit more effort in completing it on time, hopefully. Need to finish up a few articles i was planning to do. Need to focus and do more training sessions as well. So thats a lot of stuff on my plate right now, a bit more than i can handle along with my full time job.
So this might seem like a lot of lamenting which i usually don't do on my blog, but this post is more of a reminder to me to pick up my pace and correct myself.
Oh and Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year to everyone :)

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