Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tech-Ed a review

The first ever Tech-Ed concluded last friday and it was pretty good. I didnt attend much sessions except for William Tay’s presentations on indigo and web services. I really wanted to attend this session and was looking forward to it and was not disappointed one single bit. His thoughts on compensating transactions is really something to think about. One problem was for the presentation on indigo the time alloted was just not enough.
Apart from that I got to attend the session by Gaurav Khanna on Developing high performance applications which was also very informative.
The MVP and .NET user pavillion was good and allowed us to pass the information on the Colombo .NET User group and information on Microsoft communities. Got to meet lots of .NET enthusiasts and was very enjoyable talking to them. Our MVP lead Lilian also joined us from Singapore for a short visit.
You can check the blogs of the other MVPs for some detailed review and some pictures. Mahasen also has a good review on the sessions he attended on Day 1 and Day 2

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