Sunday, June 26, 2005

SCJA Beta experience

I did the SCJA beta exam today. It was relatively easy but i still feel it’s quite different from SCJP. SCJP tests very deep in your core java skills. But SCJA tests the overall understanding on the entire java platform (standard, enterprise and mobile) as well as other related technologies often used along with java such as UML, XML and HTML. But the important factor is the exam doesn’t go very deep into these technologies and just tests your understanding of these technologies.
If you want to certify that you have a good understanding of the overall java platform and the kind of applications you can develop using various editions of java and you understand how other technologies such as XML and HTML etc works along with java and to show you can interpret basic UML diagrams the SCJA certification is ideal. But if you want to show your expertise on core java then go for SCJP.

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