Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The entire nation mourns

The effect of the tsunami was much more than imagined with our country having a death toll of more than 18,000 at the moment.The entire nation is in a state of shock as this kind of disaster was never experienced before.
The amount of relief work needed is very massive.There are lots of people from abroad as well trying to help.Any small contribution even at this time will be a huge support here at this situation.If they need more information please check these sites:
The entire nation is participating in providing relief for the people displaced and suffering by donating food, medicine and clothes.The unity of everyone in Srilanka was seen as all people got together through various means to help out in their capacity.This kind of togetherness gives us confidence that we will be able to see this through, but this will haunt our minds for a very long time.

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Anonymous said...

Here in Germany everyone is shocked about these tragic days. I hope we can help your people by supporting organizations like the Red Cross. Our thoughts are with the people in Southern Asia. I think we can not imagine how desastrous it is.

Greetings from Chris (Germany/Europe)