Friday, September 10, 2004

NAnt:More than just a build tool...

You have just done some change to your existing source or just started to write a few lines of code for a new project or u have done nearly 99% of the code for your project, your expectation of the build process differs by the stage you are in your project.Generally a build process does a compilation of your source and creates the output files or reports the compilation errors.But as your development work gets more complex you wish your build process can do more like checking out your source from VSS or e-mailing the build output to an admin or creating documentation or running your unit tests automatically.This is where NAnt comes in.
NAnt is very similar to Ant a Java build tool.You create build files with targets to be executed by NAnt.These targets will have tasks to do the work required such as compiling or checking out source etc...And if you want to perform a task thats not available(though NAnt and its associate projects have a big list of tasks) you can write your own task and include in in your build file.So if you want to try out NAnt check out the following links to download the necessary files: This project defines some additional tasks not available with NAnt
So Happy building ... and post your experiences as well

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